A Vegan Refuge at 2600m?

We believe that the time is right. Between pandemics and climate change crises we can begin to ask ourselves why it makes sense to eat vegan and natural food:

it tastes good

it’s nourishing and healthy

it creates the least amount of suffering

it’s sustainable

The food that we prepare on-premises is cooked using high-quality ingredients, local and organic wherever possible. We create dishes with a satisfying and natural taste using the minimum amount of salt, using whole grains and wholemeal flours, not using animal fats, not using monosodium glutamate (msg), not using refined sugar, instead choosing: coconut sugar, maple or agave syrup, dates and raisins and brown sugar.



-served from 7.30 to 9am. for overnight staying guests. included in the half board-

It is the most important meal for active people. A hearty breakfast is exactly what you need to fully enjoy a day spent out in nature.

Homemade bread, jams and marmalades, gluten-free options, biscuits, vegan yoghurt, cereal, dried fruits & nuts, fresh fruits, apple juice, …

At the bar, you can order tea, coffee, cappuccino and if you need another we’ll be happy to serve you more.



-served from 12am to 2.30pm, the restaurant is open to the public-

The menu changes day by day, season to season. usually consisting of delicious pasta, a warming soup, vegan bowl (a full meal served in a bowl containing grains, cooked and fresh vegetables, proteins -beans/tofu/nuts/..-, homemade salsas or mayonnaise), some quiche or a burger with vegetables and salad. To end your meal with something sweet you can pick from our delicious desserts or homemade biscuits.



-served at 7pm. for overnight staying guests. included in the half board.-

 Three-course meal. Our chefs will create the dishes to be beautiful, tasty and nutritionally balanced. If you have intolerances or allergies we’ll be happy to cook something to suit your needs but please let us know beforehand!

The water -from a natural spring- is free of charge, as is the coffee, tea or infusion after the meal.

We ask of our clients with doubts about eating vegan to trust us and try. We offer meals that are, simply put, healthy and delicious which hopefully removes the need for labelling. We can promise you our effort and enthusiasm in creating a "buona cucina" for our valued guests. Good for your palate, good for your body, good for your mind, your spirit and the environment.

Why should the search for adventure and something new in the mountains end when it comes to eating?!


Why Vegan?

 Vegan, from our point of view, is not about being trapped in a dogmatic choice. It’s one about responsibility and awareness. No matter if you choose to eat vegan once a month, once a week or every day: it’s always an important choice.

The vegan choice is not something that should be forced but adopted into one's lifestyle. We are glad to be able to offer an option for those who wish to frequent the mountains without compromising their ideals, or for those that want to simply try an alternative to the typical mountain cuisine based on cheese and meat.

Some reasons behind a vegan choice:

  • Eco-sustainability reasons: statistics, graphs and tables aside, it’s common knowledge that behind the animal industry is a massive waste of resources (water, energy and land) and is one of, if not the highest cause of pollution and deforestation. We are consuming more than what the earth is able to produce.
  • Ethical and moral reasons: not being the cause of sufferance. Do animals exist to be exploited by humans? Half of the human population dies of hunger, the other half because of overeating. Can we find a balance?
  • Health reasons: excessive meat and animal products consumed are the cause of the most common western diseases (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer). Fruits and vegetables are well known to be anti-carcinogen and rich in nutrients. Following a correct wholemeal vegan diet with a low intake of salt and sugar can only improve our health.
  • Taste reasons: last but not least. Vegan cuisine can really surprise us with taste and refinement! Quality whole foods in the hands of passionate and creative chefs will always guarantee great results.

Raffaella, one of our beloved chefs, says: “ The choice of not eating animals isn’t about renouncement. It’s a rewarding and beautiful choice. Choosing what you cook and eat is directly linked to becoming more aware. It should not be underestimated.”

 We believe that our hut, nestled in the spectacular nature of Monte Rosa, is the perfect place to try something different. We’re waiting for your visit!

We use the following Suppliers:

Fio di Loto and Baule Volante (yogi tea, pukkha, vivani and more)




Pasta d'Alba

Bohea Teehandlung

Hard Bar

Tutte le Spezie del Mondo