Happy to be shovelling snow!! (well kind of..)

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After a fair stint of warm weather (lovely on the terrace i must admit) and blue skies we have finally had roughly a 1m downfall to send those rocks back under the snow where they belong. Hopefully the conditions remain favourable for … Continua


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Liebe Familie Squinobal! Ich möchte Ihnen doch nochmals sagen, wie außergewöhnich gut es mir – und ich glaube, uns allen – auf Ihrer Hütte gefallen hat! Sie ist ja wirklich etwas Besonderes, von der Architektur und der Ausgestaltung her (die … Continua

c’a mollo.

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Mon cher, Au milieu de la haine, j’ai trouvé qu’il y avait, en moi, un amour invincible. Dans le milieu des larmes, j’ ai trouvé qu’il y avait, en moi, un sourire invincible. Au milieu du chaos, j’ai trouvé qu’il … Continua


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XXI MEZZALAMA TROPHY – USEFUL INFORMATION FOR THE PUBLIC DATES The II edition of the Mezzalama Jeunes, a skimo race reserved for the Cadet and Junior categories which starts from the Cime Bianche Laghi will be held on 21 April … Continua

Cisco’s Moon Walk

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sunday 12th of march 2017 accompanied by a guide (one guide per 5 clients), taking the last lift for Indren, ascend with touring skins towards Pyramid Vincent. enjoy the spectacle of a night descent in an ambient illuminated by the … Continua

We’ve gone vegetarian!

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we are very pleased to announce that as of this 2016 summer season the restaurant of Orestes Hütte will be vegetarian. our amazing chefs are excited to have you try the wonderful meals from our menu made from healthy and … Continua

Eagle Update

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1 The recent strong winds that have been blowing us about lately may have left you wondering about the snow conditions for the Indren off-piste run. Well thankfully the winds, coming from a northerly direction, have filled canale dell’aquila (eagles … Continua

Chatu does Punta Telcio

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As it seems that our cat, Chatu, has become more adored than us or the refuge, we thought to give a few updates on his latest adventures. Always keen for an outing, Chatu tagged along on a hike up to Punta … Continua

Freshwater Mermaids

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Three Mermaids managing a mountain hut? That’s only possible at the Orestes Hütte. You can find them every afternoon at the fabulous Lago Blu. NOT good singers at all.